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Sulfur soap/mini soap machine

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mini soap machine

Sulfur soap mini soap machine mini soap machine mini soap machine

In a broad sense, sulfur soap refers to soap containing sulfur, which is a kind of sulfur contained medicine soap. It is made by adding refined sulfur to plain soap.Sulfur itself has the pharmacological activity of sterilization and insect control, and the surfactant effect of sulfur and soap can be better dispersed to play a pharmacological role.


An overview

Due to the addition of sulfur in the soap base, hydrogen sulfide and pentachloride sulfonic acid can be produced in the bath with bactericidal effect.There are four types of soap by color.Generally speaking, red pharmaceutical soap is the most irritating to skin, because its additive is phenolic compounds, most of which are red, commonly known as lysol soap.Yellow medicine soap with sulfur shows yellow color, smells sour and has certain irritation.Brown green medicine soap with Chinese herbal extracts, often dark green or dark brown, can purge pathogenic fire and detoxicate. Boric acid soap is usually white, its irritation is relatively small, in the four types of soap properties of the most mild.

The main role

It combines various ingredients and functions to remove dandruff and relieve itching. It is both moisturizing and refreshing. It is a series of healthy skin products.Sulfur soap can inhibit the secretion of sebum, kill bacteria, fungi, mildew, mites and parasites, etc. For people who are in adolescence, sulfur soap is one of the most appropriate soaps for skin cleaning, but it should be kept in mind that it should not be used repeatedly.

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mini soap machine

About soa/soap packing machine

soap packing machine

1. Principle: oil and sodium hydroxide are boiled together and hydrolyzed into sodium and glycerol, the higher fatty acids. The former is processed and formed into soap.2. Supplies: one beaker (150 ml) and one beaker (300mL), glass rod, alcohol lamp, asbestos mesh, tripod, lard (or other animal fat or oil), NaOH,95% alcohol, saturated salt water.3. Operation (1) in a 150mL beaker, put 6g lard and 5mL 95% alcohol, and then add 10ml 40% NaOH solution.Stir with glass rod to dissolve (heat gently if necessary).(2) place the beaker on an asbestos net (or in a water bath), heat it over a low heat and keep stirring with a glass holder.During the heating process, if the alcohol and water are reduced by evaporation, they should be replenished at any time to maintain the original volume.For this purpose, 20mL of alcohol and water mixture (1:1) can be prepared in advance for addition.(3) after heating for about 20min, saponification reaction was basically complete.If necessary, a few drops of sample can be taken out of the glass rod and put into the test tube. 5~6mL distilled water can be added into the test tube and heated and oscillated.When still, have grease to divide, show saponification is not complete, can add lye to continue saponification drop.(4) slowly add 20mL of hot distilled water to the saponified viscous liquid, and stir to make them dissolve.Then slowly pour the viscous solution into 150mL hot saturated salt solution and stir as you add.After static place, soap then salt-out rises float, wait for soap to precipitate completely, after solidification can use vitreous bar to take out, soap is made namely.4. Note (1) oil is not easily soluble in alkaline water. Alcohol is added in order to increase the solubility of oil in alkali solution and speed up saponification reaction.(2) if no water bath is needed for heating, use a low fire.(3) saponification reaction, to maintain the original volume of the mixture, do not let the mixture in the beaker boil dry or spill outside the beaker.Note: saponification reaction: reverse hydrolysis of oil under alkaline conditions

soap packing machine soap packing machine soap packing machine

soap packing machine

Raw materials of natural soap/soap wrapping machine

soap wrapper machineThe most basic things needed for natural soaps are oils, caustic soda and water.

Other additives: such as flowers and plants, fruits and vegetables, stone mud, powder functional additives, etc., can be added according to the preferences.

1. Common base oil are: olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, camellia oil, bitter tea oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, hazelnut oil, sesame oil, snake oil, evening primrose oil, rose hips oil, shea butter oil, wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia nut oil, rice bran oil, canola oil, vegetable shortening, safflower oil, refined oil, sunflower oil, pure natural cocoa butter, white wax, beeswax, aloe vera oil, walnut oil, mink oil, Perilla seed oil, soybean oil, corn oil and so on.

2. In order to maintain the natural nature of cold soap and add more multi-functional substances, a small amount of plant additives are generally added.Such as aromatic essential oil, traditional Chinese medicine, grass, milk, lemon juice, cucumber juice, tomato juice, almond powder, carotene and so on. 

3. Soap formula is: oil + alkali (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide dissolved in water) = soap + natural glycerol

soap wrapping machine soap wrapping machine soap wrapping machine

soap wrapping machine

Soap ingredients/soap wrapper machine

soap wrapper machine The raw material of toilet soap uses, such as oils, bases and some auxiliary materials basically are the same as laundry soap, except that oils need to be refined, decolorized and degassed before they are suitable for making toilet soap. In addition, the oil used for toilet soap is currently limited to natural oils such as bovine and sheep oil, coconut oil, palm oil, lard, etc.The main ingredients of toilet soap are perfume and colors.
One, perfume: the perfume of toilet soap uses is of large quantity,There’re two kinds commonly: That is natural and man-made flavour, natural flavour is divided into animal flavour and plant flavour again, man-made flavour is divided into monomer flavour and blend flavour according to source, composition, the method that makes.The following is an introduction:
1. Animal perfume: there are few varieties of animal perfume, only musk, civet cat, beaver and ambergris.Ambergris is the pathological secretion of whales, and the other several kinds are secretions of mammalian gonads.These spices have strong fragrance fixing effect, fragrance is not easy to dissipate and volatilize, but the production is small, the price is high, it is valuable perfume, among them the most application is muskiness, it is the specialty of our country Tibet, the output accounts for about 80% of the world.
2. Botanical perfume: botanical perfume is extracted from the flowers, leaves, branches or fruits of aromatic plants.Most of these are volatile oils, also known as natural essential oils (or fragrances).If jasmine oil, rose oil are extracted respectively from jasmine, rose; Clove oil, fennel oil are respectively extracted from the fruit of lemon oil, orange oil is extracted from the peel.Some trunks contain aromatic mucus, which is obtained by cutting fat.
The variety of plant perfumes are much, its pear flavour is thick weak, volatile difficult easy, excitant size is different also.In addition to being used directly as perfume, these perfume can also be used as raw materials for free perfume.
3. Monomeric perfumes: monomeric perfumes are fragrances containing only a single compound extracted from natural perfumes and other chemical products by physical and chemical methods.According to the different raw materials are divided into free perfumes and perfumes.
(1) free [erfumes are relatively pure perfumes separated from nature.Generally speaking, natural ingredients are not single aromatic compounds in terms of composition. They are all made up of a mixture of aromatic components. If leaf oil is made up of geraniol and vanilla.Perfumes that are physically and chemically separated from nature are called monomers.
(2) synthetic perfumes are those synthesized by chemical methods from the fractionation products of coal tar, free perfumes and other chemical raw materials.At present, many natural monomer perfumes can be synthesized artificially, and there are hundreds of varieties.
4, blending perfumes: blending perfumes are generally called perfumes or mixed perfumes,which is made from several to dozens of perfumes.The perfume that all sorts of products use is mixed perfume, such as soap used essence, cosmetic essence, edible essence, tobacco essence.
Soap used essence requires flavour fragrant, full-bodied, chemical stability is good, volatile is not volatilized easily, basically do not have stimulation, have stronger bactericidal ability.
For blending perfumes have some kind of scent and can be made, according to its role in modulation it is divided into three kinds, namely the main perfumes (constitute the basic flavor of some kind of scent, such as sandalwood soap fragrance is given priority to with sandalwood oil), auxiliary spices (make up the lack of subject spices, but shall not change the subject) the aroma of perfumes, sweet agent (a variety of perfumes in the essence of volatility, fragrance lasting), 2, pigment, is used to add the color of the decorative toilet soap to make soap looks more beautiful. The commonly used pigment in soaps mainly includes acid soap yellow, phthalein pigment, salt base rose essence and so on.The requirement to chroma is to be able to bear light, alkali, do not irritate the skin, do not contain toxic material, do not make fabric chroma when catharsis fabric.

soap wrapper machine soap wrapper machine soap wrapper machine

soap wrapper machine